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Vision & Goal


Creating a prospective and leading art platform for all

The Institutions and Affiliated Group of NPAC initiate diverse cultural life and art experiences for the public, blurring the boundaries of art and daily life. We inspire people from all sectors to distribute resources to cultural development, aiding society in fostering creativity, innovation and value in art. We also cultivate stronger and deeper partnerships with the arts community around the world through international networking, with the aim of sharing and celebrating the performing art of Taiwan with the world, showcasing what Taiwan is capable of as a significant participant in the global arts community.


The strategy of NPAC is built upon four aspects: co-creation, global partnership, technology, and sustainability.

Co-creation: Collaborate with artists, arts organizations, and audiences in Taiwan, shaping new social values together.

Global Partnership: Extend our international network to partner hand-in-hand with art centers, groups, organizations, and artists worldwide.

Technology: Explore the potential of technology on performance, service, and operation.

Sustainability: Foster an inclusive society and work towards carbon neutrality.


Art-Oriented: To support creators in exploring new ideas and possibilities, and encourage originality in presenting, producing, and curating world-class art in Taiwan.

Nurturing Talents: To serve as a supportive platform for nurturing talents to meet the needs of future theater environments.

Partnership and Collaboration: To inspire local government, venues, communities, artists and groups to experience, engage, and cultivate with the arts, developing unique region traits.

Embracing Technology: To introduce technology into the production of art, operations, and accessibility, creating a more diverse, and user-friendly art environment. 

Sustainability and Inclusive Society: To utilize performing arts as a catalyst to encourage individuals from various sectors to come together and work towards sustainability and an inclusive society.

Extending International Influence: To build a strong network with global partners, promote outstanding artists, groups, and pieces from Taiwan to the world, and position Taiwan as a significant participant in the global performing arts.